This unique new text delivers a solid foundation for understanding the role of genomics in human health and in advances that promise to help improve the quality of human life. Unlike other works that focus mainly on toxicogenomic techniques, Genomics presents a thorough overview of the field in four major sections: 1) fundamentals of genes and geno

Fundamentals of Eukaryotic Gene Structure and Function. Genomes - A Brief Eukaryotic Perspective. Epigenomes - Beyond Genes and Genomes. Principles of Functional Genomic Analysis. Collaborations Lay the Critical Path. Functional Genomic Approaches. Immunotoxicogenomics. Human Genomics in Hypertension. Translational Toxicogenomics. Mining of Genome Sequence Databases. Microbial Genomics. Features and Functionality of Public Databases. Toxicogenomics in Non-Clinical Safety Studies. Strategies for Quality Assurance. Genomics and Drug Discovery. Physiological Genomic Approaches. Nutrigenomic Approaches. Use of Pharmacogenomic Data. US EPA. Review and Summary.