Geared toward sleep specialists, neurologists, geriatricians, and psychiatrists, Geriatric Sleep Medicine presents the most current medical research for the diagnosis and management of sleep disorders in the older patient. Focused on the prevention of chronic geriatric sleep disorders, this text examines:the most recent and up-to-date classifi

1. Age Related Changes in Sleep and Circadian Physiology: From Brain Mechanisms to Sleep Behavior. 2. Sleep and Medical Comorbidities. 3. Sleep & Psychiatric Illness. 4. Sleep and Neurologic Disorders in Older Adults. 5. Insomnia in Aging. 6. Pharmacologic Therapy of Chronic Insomnia in Older Adults. 7. Cognitive Behavioral Treatment of Insomnia in the Older Adult. 8. Sleep-Related Breathing Disorders in Aging. 9. Central Sleep Apnea. 10. Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorders in Aging. 11. Restless Legs Syndrome: Manifestations in Aging and in Dementia. 12. Sleep in Nursing Home Residents. 13. Sleep in the Older Woman. 14. Napping in Older Adults. 15. Sleep in Late-Stage Dementia and End of Life.