Adolescent Rheumatology is the first single-source text that focuses on how adolescent-specific aspects impact rheumatic conditions and cross references disease-specific information from general rheumatology textbooks. Using a generic, developmental approach to make this book unique, the evidence base is referenced with a clinical and practical app

Being a Teenager in the Twenty-first Century. The Teenage Brain. Growing Pains Growth and Puberty. Creating a listening culture: Communicating with young people. "When I remember to " Adherence and Chronic Rheumatic Diseases. The Disease Spectrum of Adolescent Rheumatology. The Young Person with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis. The Young Person with SLE. The Young Person with Chronic Pain. The Young Person with back pain. The Young Person with Joint Pain: A Sports Medicine Perspective. The Young Person with low bone mineral density. Health Issues of Adolescents. Walking the Talk Parenting Adolescents with a chronic condition. "Making Connections, Getting Connected" Peer support and chronic rheumatic disease. When I grow up Transition and Rheumatology. "Becoming Experts" Training issues in Adolescent Rheumatology. How can we improve adolescent rheumatology services which continually improves outcomes for young people? Young People have the Last word.