Specifically written to meet the needs of the cosmetic chemist and engineer, this reference outlines the latest technologies and issues pertinent to the development novel skin care products including advances in formulation and development, raw materials and active ingredients, compound testing, and clinical assessment. Organized by product categor

Cosmetic Formulations of Skin Care Products.  Cutaneous Formulation Issues. Formulation for Special Populations. Personal Cleansing Products: Properties and Use. Toners and Astringents. The Dry Skin Cycle.  Factors Influencing Optimal Skin Care and Product Selection.  Antiperspirants.  Photoprotection and the Prevention of Photocarcinogenesis.  Anti-Aging Skin Care Formulations.  The Role of Cosmeceuticals in Dermatology.  Skin Lightening Agents.  Medical and Surgical Approaches to Skin Lightening.  Topical Exfoliation - Clinical Effects and Formulating Considerations.  Over the Counter Acne Medications.  Topical Botanicals.  Herbs in Cosmeceuticals: Are They Safe and Effective?  Topical Anti-Inflammatories.  Topical Nutritional Antioxidants.  What is Next in Skin Care Cosmetic Products?