Covering the entire array of photodermatological topics necessary to stand at the head of this
burgeoning discipline, this source contains expertly written chapters that offer recommendations
and guidelines from opinion-forming international authorities. Reviewing the entire range of
photodermatoses, as well as the management, treatment, i

section Section I|1 pages

History and Basic Principles

section Section III|1 pages


part A|1 pages

Basic Principles

part B|1 pages

Immunologically-Mediated Photodermatoses

part C|1 pages

Drug and Chemical-Induced Photosensitivity

part D|1 pages

DNA Repair-Deficient Photodermatoses

part E|1 pages

Photoaggravated Dermatoses

section Section IV|1 pages


section Section V|1 pages

Ultraviolet and Visible Radiation Therapy