Building upon the strengths of the popular reference, Cancer in the Elderly, this guide outlines novel approaches in the identification and management of cancer in geriatric populations by world-renowned experts on the topic. Presenting new trends and strategies in surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy, this source presents a multidisciplina

PROGRESS AND CHALLENGES IN THE TREATMENT OF CANCER IN THE ELDERLY. Introduction: Cancer Management in Elderly Patients. Epidemiology of Cancer in the Elderly. Screening and Prevention. Training and Manpower Needs in Geriatric Oncology. Molecular Basis of Treatment Selection. HEMATOLOGICAL MALIGNANCIES. Acute and Chronic Leukemias. Multiple Myeloma. Lymphomas. CANCER TREATMENT. Breast Cancer. Lung Cancer. Prostate Cancer. Colorectal Cancer. Gynecological Cancer. Genitourinary Cancer. Gastric and Pancreatic Cancer. Malignant Melanomas and Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers. Cancers of the Head and Neck. Soft Tissue Sarcomas. ENHANCING QUALITY OF LIFE. Nursing Care in Older Cancer Patients. Quality of Life and Geriatric Assessment. Nutritional Support of Elderly cancer Patients. Co-morbidity factors in Treatment Planning. Managing Complications of cancer and its Treatment. The Impact of Elder Law on Treatment