This outstanding dermatopathology atlas emphasizes the correlation of pathological findings with clinical presentations and presents a reader-friendly approach to the diagnosis and interpretation of skin biopsy results. With an abundance of color clinical and histologic photographs, and descriptions of numerous dermatological diseases and condition

A Philosophy of an Approach to a Slide. Perivascular Dermatitis. Interface Dermatitis. Psoriasiform and Spongiotic Dermatoses. Intraepidermal Vesicular and Pustular Dermatitis. Subepidermal Vesiculobullous Dermatitis. Cutaneous Vasculitis. Nodular and Diffuse Dermatitis. Granulomatous Dermatitis. Follicular Diseases Causing Non-scarring and Scarring Alopecia. Panniculitis. Fibrosing Dermatoses. Benign Epithelial Neoplasms and Cysts. Premalignant and Malignant Epithelial Neoplasms. Follicular Neoplasms. Sebaceous Neoplasms. Glandular Adnexal Neoplasms. Benign Melanocytic Neoplasms. Malignant Melanocytic Neoplasms. Fibrohistiocytic Lesions. Vascular Proliferations. Neural Neoplasms. Muscle Neoplasms. Depositions and Dermal Disorders. Fat and Osseous Neoplasms. Metastatic Neoplasms. Lymphoma and Pseudolymphoma. Practical Immunohistochemistry in Dermatopathology.