An up-to-date survey of the major dementing disorders, this guide provides the most recent clinical, epidemiological, and neurodiagnostic information related to the care and treatment of dementing illnesses-addressing subjects of vital importance such as ethics, neuropsychology, neuroimaging, and neuropathology to stand as the foremost guide on the

Ethical Issues in Dementia.  Epidemiology of Dementia.  Healthy Brain Aging.  Neuropsychological Assessment in Dementia.  Neuroimaging in Dementia: Functional Imaging.  Neuropathology of Dementia.  Genetics of Dementia.  Biomarkers in Dementia.  Alzheimer's Disease.  Dementia in Down Syndrome.  Dementia in Parkinson's Disease and Lewy Body Disorders.  Frontotemporal Dementia.  Vascular Dementia.  Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus.  HIV-Associated Dementia.  Influence of Co-morbidities in Dementia.  Depression and Dementia.  Management of the Driver with Dementia.  The Plan of Care.  Comprehensive Review of Caregiving.  Pharmacology for the Cognitive Symptoms of Dementia.  Treatment of Neuropsychiatric Symptoms.  Anti-Amyloid Strategies.  Prevention Strategies.