Textbook of Epilepsy Surgery covers all of the latest advances in the surgical management of epilepsy. The book provides a thorough understanding of epileptogenic mechanisms in etiologically different types of epilepsy and explains neuronavigation systems. It discusses new neuroimaging techniques, new surgical strategies, and more aggressive surgic

Contents Include: Section 1: History of Epilepsy Surgery and related fields. Section 2: Overview. Section 3: Epilepsies Remediable by Epilepsy Surgery.  Section 4: Presurgical Evaluation: General Principles.  Section 5: The Symptomatogenic Zone.  Section 6: The Irritative Zone.  Section 7: The Ictal Onset Zone.  Section 8: The Epileptic Lesion.  Section 9: The Functional Deficit Zone. Section 10: Presurgical Evaluation of Eloquent Cortex.  Section 11: The Epileptogenic Zone.  Section 12: The Patient Management Meeting.  Section 13: Surgical Techniques for Placement of Intracranial Electrodes.  Section 14: Cortical Mapping and Electrocorticography.  Section 15: Resective Surgical Procedures for Epilepsy. Section 16: Non-resective Surgical Procedures and Electrical or Magnetic Stimulation.  Section 17: Surgical Outcome.   Surgical 18: Post-surgical Management.  Section 19: Neuropathology and Research. Section 20: Surgical Failures: Reoperation. Section 21: Case Presentations.  Section 22: Appendices.