This volume covers many new trends and developments in food science, including preparation, characterization, morphology, properties, and recyclability. The volume considers food quality, shelf life, and manufacturing in conjunction with human nutrition, diet, and health as well as the ever-growing demand for the supply and production of healthier foods.

Distinguished scientists specializing in various disciplines discuss basic studies, applications, recent advances, difficulties, and breakthroughs in the field. The volume includes informative discussions and new research on food formulations, manufacturing techniques, biodegradably flexible packaging, packaged foods, beverages, fruits and vegetable processing, fisheries, milk and milk products, frozen food and thermo processing, grain processing, meat and poultry processing, rheological characteristics of foods, heat exchangers in the food industry, food and health (including natural cures and food supplements), spice and spice processing, and more.

Lion’s Mane: The Medicinal Mushroom That Offers New Hope for Peripheral Neuropathy. Understanding Probiotics: A Review. Aquatic Enzymes and Their Applications in Seafood Industry. Biofuels from Microalgae Their Production and Extraction: A Review. Utilization and Value Addition of Culinary Banana: The Potential Food for Health. Modification of Culinary Banana Resistant Starch and Its Application. Gelatine from Cold Water Fish Species and Their Functional Properties. Fish Processing Waste Protein Hydrolysate: A Rich Source of Bioactive Peptides. Effect of Oregano Essential Oil on the Stability of Microencapsulated Fish Oil. Safety Considerations of Raw Meat: An Indian Perspective. Acrylamide in Food Products: Occurrence, Toxicity, Detoxification, and Determination. Improving Quality of Ready-to-Eat, Minimally Processed Produce Using Non-Thermal Postharvest Technologies. Radiation Processing: An Emerging Postharvest Preservation Method for Improving Food Safety and Quality. Foods Preserved with Hurdle Technology. Radio Frequency Applications in Food Processing. Microencapsulation of Bioactive Food Ingredients: Methods, Applications, and Controlled Release Mechanism: A Review. Electrospinning as a Novel Delivery Vehicle for Bioactive Compounds in Food. Underutilized Novel Xeric Crop: Kair (Capparis decidua). Value Addition of Underutilized Crops of India by Extrusion Cooking Technology. Fungal Retting Technology of Jute Fiber. Composting of Cashew Apple Waste Residue for Cultivating Paddy Straw Mushroom. Quality Characteristics of Custard Made from Composite Flour of Germinated Finger Millet, Rice, and Soybean. Kinnow Peel-Rice Based Expanded Snacks: Investigating Extrudate Characterstics and Optimizing Process Conditions. Development and Partial Characterization of Biodegradable Film from Composite of Lotus Rhizome Starch, Whey Protein Concentrate, and Psyllium Husk. Green Leaf Protein Concentrate and Its Application in Extruded Food Products. Development of Spray-Dried Honey Powder with Vitamin C and Antioxidant Properties Using Maltodextrin as Carrier.