The book provides descriptions of experiences from research and educational sustainability projects and the role HEIs can play together with contributions presenting a variety of initiatives showing how SDGs are being implemented.

The book promotes the theoretical and practical understanding on this thematic and disseminates knowledge and international research and cooperation.

Contributions cover the role of SDGs in advancing implementation of sustainable development, sustainability in higher education, the role of universities in sustainable development, new paths towards sustainable development and e-learning contributions.


Focuses on theoretical and practical understanding on Sustainability, Higher Education and SDGs to disseminate knowledge and promote research and cooperation 

Includes lessons learned from sustainability research and educational challenges presenting case studies, technological developments, outputs of research and studies, best practices and examples of successful projects

Discusses relevant and international perspectives on sustainability, higher education and SGDs

Presents local and international contributions on a variety of initiatives showing how SDGs are being implemented

chapter Chapter One|20 pages

The role of SDGs in advancing implementation of sustainable development

The case of University of South Africa, South Africa
ByAlbert Mawonde, Muchaiteyi Togo

chapter Chapter Two|27 pages

Evolution of the actions of Latin American universities to move towards sustainability and the SDGs

ByJ. Benayas, N. Blanco-Portela

chapter Chapter Three|21 pages

Conflict, ambiguity and change 10 years working towards sustainability

The case of a Mexican University
ByMargarita Juárez-Nájera, Mariana Castellanos

chapter Chapter Four|19 pages

Sustainability in higher education

Implementation in Bulgaria
ByKathy Bui, Will O’Brien

chapter Chapter Five|26 pages

The role of universities in sustainable development (SD)

The Spanish framework
ByNúria Bautista Puig, Elba Mauleón, Elías Sanz Casado

chapter Chapter Seven|17 pages

Teaching and researching on sustainability

The case of an interdisciplinary initiative at a higher education institution
ByA. Gomes Martins

chapter Chapter Eight|17 pages

Clean energy and SDGs

Opportunities and challenges for digital transformation of renewable energy
ByPrakash Rao, Harsha Bake

chapter Chapter Nine|27 pages

Paying or saving? The Greek drama that leads to achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

ByJohn Gelegenis, Evanthie Michalena

chapter Chapter Ten|26 pages

A transition to sustainable lifestyles

The role of universities
ByBojan Baletić, Rene Lisac, Morana Pap

chapter Chapter Eleven|23 pages

Bike-Friendly Campus, new paths towards sustainable development

ByJosé Carlos Mota, Frederico Moura e Sá, Catarina Isidoro, Bernardo Campos Pereira

chapter Chapter Twelve|14 pages

The implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals at the national level

The case of the SDG Alliance Portugal
ByS. Leal, U. M. Azeiteiro, F. Seabra

chapter Chapter Thirteen|16 pages

Contribution of advanced training for real problem solutions within Sustainable Development Goals

The case of an e-learning PhD
ByCarla Padrel de Oliveira, Sandra Caeiro, Jorge Trindade

chapter Chapter Fourteen|22 pages

The influence of food choices determinants on the achievement of the sustainable food consumption goal

An emerging subject in food consumer sciences in an e-learning environment
ByAna Pinto de Moura, Luísa Aires

chapter Chapter Fifteen|27 pages

Enhancing the university outreach through collaborations and sharing of resources

Experiences from India
ByUmesh Chandra Pandey, Chhabi Kumar