Here is an insightful look into the great changes in the hospitality and tourism industry in China in recent years. The steady growth of the GDP in China, the increasing middle-income population, lifestyle changes of the Chinese people, and fast infrastructure development (speed trains, airports, highways, and seaports, linking many mega cities, mid-level cities, and townships) have all had a significant effect on the Chinese hospitality industry, which is booming in China. With much more money in their pockets, the Chinese are spending more than 60% of their disposable income on food and travel. International food and hotel chains have responded by increasing their presence in China, and in turn, new domestic restaurant and hotel chains have sprung up to compete for the business. With chapters by scholars from various universities in China and the United States, these issues and more are covered in this new volume. Readers will gain a true understanding of the current development of Chinese hospitality and tourism industry.


Budget Hotels in China: Recent Development, Changes, and Challenges. Co-Creating Value with Chinese Hotel Owners: Based on Governance Mechanism Theory. Development of International Brand Hotels on Hainan Island. The Expansions of Chinese Companies in the Foreign Hospitality Industry. Chinese Hotel Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As). New Developments of the Chinese Restaurant Industry. E-Tourism Evolutionary Effect: Studying E-Tourism in China. The Development and Change of the Cruise Industry in China over the Decade (2006–2016). Profile and Trend of the Exhibition Industry in China. Tourism Higher Education in China: Profile and Issues. Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism Development in China (2006–2016). A Review of Studies on China Tourism Destination Competitiveness During the Past Decade.