Additives are selected depending on the type of polymers to which they will be added or the application for which they will be used. The appropriate selection of additives helps develop value-added plastics with improved durability as well as other advantages. This research book provides a range of modern techniques and new research on the use of a

Preface. Ethylidene-2-Norborene-Olefin Copolymers: Synthesis, Structure, Morphology, Properties and Functionalization of Copolymers. Insight into New Application Aspects for Photopolymerizable Acrylic Compositions. On the Specific Reactivity of arbooligoarylenes: Representatives of Oligomers with Conjugate System. Porphyrin-Polymer Complexes in Model Photosensitized Processes and in Photodynamic Therapy. Structure and Properties of Rubber Powder and Its Materials. Biodegradable Compositions of Polylactide with Ethyl Cellulose and Chitosan Plasticized by Low-Molecular Poly(Ethylene Glycol). Inorganic Polyoxide Thermoplastics: Their Hybridds and Blends. Hyperbranched 1,4-Cis+1,2-Polybutadiene Synthesis Using Novel Catalytic Dithiosystems. A Study on the Formation of the Phase Structure of Silanol-Modified Ethylene Copolymers with Vinyl Acetate and Vinyl Acetate and Maleic Anhydride in a Wide Range of Temperatures and Compositions. Quantum-Chemical Calculation of Molecule. Cobalt Alkylxhanthogenate+ Trialkylaluminum Catalytic Dithiosystems For Synthesis of Syndiotactic 1,2-Polybutadiene. A Study on the Effect of the Phase Structure of the Modified Eva (Evama) on Their Properties. Siloxane Matrix with Methylpropionate Side Groups and Polymer Electrolyte Membranes on Their Basis. Composites on the Basis of Glycidoxygroup Containing Phenylsilsesquioxanes. The Comparative Study of Thermostable Protein Macromolecular Complexes (Cell Proteomics) from Different Organisms. Index.