Marine Biomedicine: From Beach to Bedside assesses current efforts in marine biomedicine and evaluates the implications of recent advances on the future of the field.Richly illustrated in full color to enhance reader comprehension, the book covers four sections. The first one addresses the technology that has recently been brought to bear on the st

MARINE BIOTECHNOLOGY: INFORMING THE SEARCH. Accessing Chemical Diversity through Metagenomics. Chemical Characterization of Marine Organisms Using a Metabolomic Approach. Biosynthetic Approaches to Marine Drug Discovery and Development. Dereplication of Natural Products Using Databases. MARINE BIODISCOVERY: LEAD DISCOVERY. Logistic Considerations to Deliver Natural Product Libraries for High-Throughput Screening. Screening Marine Microbial Libraries. Screening Strategies for Drug Discovery and Target Identification. Anti-Infective Agents from Marine Sources. Screening for Antiparasitic Marine Natural Products. Central Nervous System Modulators from the Oceans. Marine Organisms in Cancer Chemoprevention. Off the Beaten Path: Natural Products from Extreme Environments. Bioprospecting Fungi and the Labyrinthulomycetes at the Ocean-Land Interface. Medicinal Chemistry and Lead Optimization of Marine Natural Products. MARINE PRODUCTS IN BIOMEDICINE. The Travails of Clinical Trials with Marine-Sourced Compounds. Conopeptides, Marine Natural Products from Venoms: Biomedical Applications and Future Research Applications. Development and Commercialization of a Fully Synthetic Marine Natural Product Analogue, Halaven (Eribulin Mesylate). Marine Natural Products in Pharma: How Industry Missed the Boat. In Vitro Model for Defining Neurotoxicity of Anticancer Agents. PROSPECTS FOR THE FUTURE OF MARINE BIODISCOVERY.Comments on the Past and Future of Marine Natural Product Drug Discovery.