Safely Design, Test, and Construct Products Made of Natural Fiber CompositesNatural fibers and their composites carry distinct advantages over industrial fibers. Some advantages-including renewability and availability of raw materials, and lower energy consumption-could help safeguard environmental resources and eventually replace synthetic composi

Introduction to Natural Fiber Composites. Natural Fibers and Their Characterization. Alternative Solutions for Reinforcement of Thermoplastic Composites. Matrices for Natural Fiber Composites. Interfacial Compatibility and Adhesion in Natural Fiber Composites. Processing of Natural Fiber Composites. Testing and Characterization of Natural Fiber-Reinforced Composites. Environment-Related Issues. Modeling of Natural Fiber Composites. Design of Natural Fiber-Reinforced Composite Structures. Joint Design in Natural Fiber Composites. State-of-the-Art Applications of Natural Fiber Composites in the Industry.