Based on expert practitioners contributions from across the globe including Brazil, Jamaica, Malaysia, Pakistan, Thailand, the United Kingdom, and the United States, Strategic Project Management: Contemporary Issues and Strategies for Developing Economies offers modern experiences, best practices, and tools for individuals and teams working in pro

The Role of Projects in Society. A Dialogue on Diversity in the Constituents of Project Success. Decision Style Profiles of Project Managers: Preliminary Exploration of Idea versus Action Orientation. A Framework for Developing Performance Objectives for Projects, Programs, and Portfolios. Prioritizing Project Objectives in a Group Decision-Making Context. Project Management, Benefits Management, and Program Management. The End of the Line: Project Management Challenges in Small Software Shops in Pakistan. Information Systems Quality in English-Speaking Caribbean Software Development Firms. Program Risk Management: Making Strategy Possible. Reexamination of the Information Systems Project Escalation Concept: An Investigation from Risk Perspectives. Improving Knowledge Movement in Building Design Projects. Knowledge Management Practices in Temporary Organizations. Who Should Champion E-Learning Projects in Educational Institutions? Emergent Roles of School Leadership in a National E-Learning Project in a Developing Country. Lawmaking Process through the Project Lens: An Exploration of a Cybersecurity Legislative Development Process in the Caribbean. Introduction to the Project Performance Scorecard as a Technique in Determining Project Success. Measuring the Success of Data Mining Projects: An Exploratory Application of the Project Performance Scorecard. Employment of Comparative Performance Evaluation Techniques in Government IT Projects: A Jamaican Case Study.