Humans have influenced the landscapes and forests throughout the temperate and boreal zones for millennia. Restoration of Boreal and Temperate Forests, Second Edition focuses on the negative impact of human activity, and explains the importance of forest restoration as a way to repair habitat, restore forest structure and function, and counteract t

What Is Forest Restoration? What Is a Natural Forest? Effects of Restoration at the Stand Level. Integrating Ungulate Herbivory into Forest Landscape Restoration. Site Preparation Techniques for Forest Restoration. Developing Restoration Strategies for Temperate Forests Using Natural Regeneration Processes. Plantations: Forests: Wilderness: The Diversity of Forest Landscapes in Europe as a Consequence of Social Change, Technological Progress and Disturbance. Afforestation and Land Use Dynamics in the Baltic States. Afforestation in Denmark. Forest Restoration and Rehabilitation in the Republic of Korea. Forest Landscape Restoration in China: A Case Study in the Minjiang River Watershed, Southwest China. Restoration and Ecosystem-Based Management in the Circumboreal Forest: Background, Challenges and Opportunities. Integrating Forest Restoration into Mainstream Land Management in British Columbia, Canada. A Hundred Years of Woodland Restoration in Great Britain: Changes in the Drivers that Influenced the Increase in Woodland Cover. Irish Peatland Forests: Lessons from the Past and Pathways to a Sustainable Future. Forest Restoration in the French Massif Central Mountains. Conversion of Norway Spruce (Picea abies [L.] Karst.) Forests in Europe. Restoration of Conifer Plantations in Japan: Perspectives for Stand and Landscape Management and for Enabling Social Participation. Restoration of Open Oak Woodlands in Mediterranean Ecosystems of Western Iberia and California. Restoration of Midwestern Oak Woodlands and Savannas. Restoration of Oak Forests (Quercus humboldtii) in the Colombian Andes: A Case Study of Landscape-Scale Ecological Restoration Initiatives in the Guacha River Watershed. Restoring Longleaf Pine Forest Ecosystems in the Southern United States. Restoring Dry and Moist Forests of the Inland Northwestern United States. Options for Promoting the Recovery and Rehabilitation of Forests Affected by Severe Insect Outbreaks. Restoring Boreal and Temperate Fo