This new edition of the Handbook of Surface and Colloid Chemistry informs you of significant recent developments in the field. It highlights new applications and provides revised insight on surface and colloid chemistry's growing role in industrial innovations. The contributors to each chapter are internationally recognized experts. Several chapter

Preface. Editor. Contributors. Introduction to Surface and Colloid Chemistry: Recent Advances and General Remarks. Molecular Thermodynamics of Hydrogen-Bonded Systems. Thermodynamics of Polymer Solutions. Chemical Physics of Colloid Systems and Interfaces. Subsurface Colloidal Fines, Behavior, Characterization, and Their Role in Groundwater Contamination. Activated Carbon Adsorption in Water Treatment. Solvation in Heterogeneous Media. Water Purification Devices: State-of-the-Art Review. Thermally Sensitive Particles: Preparation, Characterization, and Application in the Biomedical Field. Microemulsions and Their Applications in Drug Delivery. Adhesion and Wetting: A Quantum Mechanics-Based Approach. Surface Chemistry of Oil Recovery (Enhanced Oil Recovery). A Review of Polymer-Surfactant Interactions. Index.