This book discusses theoretical approaches to the taxonomy of biological systems and theory and mathematical approaches to the problem of plant diversity, cultivation, and the environment. Particular attention is given to theoretical and practical problems of soil and the environmental sustainability of phytocoenosis, with the goal to enhance the p

The Optimization of Interaction Anthropogenic Changes with Natural Environmental Variability for Sustainable Land Use. Directions of Selection and Evaluation Methods of Breading of Galega Eastern and Red Clover in Belarus. Problems of Grain Crops Growing on Acid Soils of the European North. Scientifically Substantiated Soil and Climatical Regions for the Industrial Cultivation of Crops in Ukraine. Bio-Organic Farming. Innovative Technologies of Cultivation of Agricultural Crops in Russia. Adaptive Reactions of Cultural Plants to Stress Factors. Theoretical Aspects and the Analysis of Biodiversity. Natural Disasters and Ways to Minimize Their Harm. Index.