The international trade in plants is growing steadily as the worldwide demand for natural and botanical raw materials increases. Customers value natural products and botanicals as "green" alternatives-safer ingredients for their families which also represent an environmentally and socially responsible choice for the planet. In order to build assura

The Importance of Quality and Authenticity for Botanical R&D. The Importance of Proper Selection of Product Quality Specifications and Methods of Analysis for Botanical Product Evaluation. Cultivating Botanicals for Sensory Quality: From Good Agricultural Practices to Taste Discernment by Smallholder Tea Farmers. Using Traditional Taxonomy and Vouchers in Authentication and Quality Control. The DNA Toolkit: A Practical User's Guide to Genetic Methods of Botanical Authentication. Metabolic Profiling and Proper Identification of Botanicals: A Case Study of Black Cohosh. A Model for Nontargeted Detection of Adulterants. The Promise of Class Prediction: How Multivariate Statistics Can Help Determine Botanical Quality and Authenticity. Conformation of Botanical or Bio- Based Materials by Radiocarbon and Stable Isotope Ratio Analysis. Botanical Isoscapes: Emerging Stable Isotope Tools for Authentication and Geographic Sourcing. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: A Revolutionary Tool for Nutraceutical Analysis. Quality and Authenticity of Complex Natural Mixtures: Analysis of Honey Using NMR Spectroscopy and Statistics. Application of CRAFT to Data Reduction of NMR Spectra of Botanical Samples. Practical Use of FT-NIR for Identification and Qualification of Botanicals: A Fit-for-Purpose Approach. High-Performance Thin-Layer Chromatography for the Identification of Botanical Materials and the Detection of Adulteration. Sensory and Chemical Fingerprinting Aids Quality and Authentication of Ingredients and Raw Materials of Vegetal Origin. The Hidden Face of Botanical Identity: An Industrial Perspective on Challenges from Natural Variability and Commercial Processes on Botanical Authenticity. Aspects of Quality Issues Faced by Botanicals Used as Cosmetic Ingredients. Index.