Handbook of Optical Sensors provides a comprehensive and integrated view of optical sensors, addressing the fundamentals, structures, technologies, applications, and future perspectives. Featuring chapters authored by recognized experts and major contributors to the field, this essential reference: Explains the basic aspects of optical sensors and

Overview of Optical Sensing. Principles of Optical Metrology. Optical Waveguide Sensors. Intensity Measurements: Principles and Techniques. Interferometric Measurement: Principles and Techniques. Fluorescence Measurement: Principles and Techniques. Surface Plasmon Measurement: Principles and Techniques. Adaptive Optics and Wavefront Sensing. Multiphoton Microscopy. Imaging Based on Optical Coherence Tomography. Fiber Sensing: A Historic Overview. Optical Fibers. Point Sensors: Intensity Sensors. Point Sensors: Interferometric Sensors. Fiber-Optic Sensor Multiplexing Principles. Distributed Fiber-Optic Sensors Based on Light Scattering in Optical Fibers. Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors. Optical Fiber Chemical Sensor Principles and Applications. Industrial Fiber Strain Gauge Sensors. Standardization and Its Impact on Measurement Reliability. Optical Sensors: Final Thoughts.