This book has an important role in advancing non-classical materials on the macro and nanoscale. The book provides original, theoretical, and important experimental results. Some research uses non-routine methodologies often unfamiliar to some readers. Furthermore, papers on novel applications of more familiar experimental techniques and analyses o

Theoretical and Experimental Research of Efficiency of Gas Purification in Rotoklon with Internal Circulation of a Liquid. Lecture Note on Quantum-Chemical Mechanism and Synthesis of Selected Compounds. Transport Properties of Films of hitosan-Amikacin. Research and Calculation of Operating Conditions of Clearing of Gas in a Rotoklon. The Effect of the Modification of Silica-Gelatin Hybrid Systems on the Properties of Some Paper Products. An Influence of a Size and of the Size Distribution of Silver Nanoparticles on Their Surface Plasmon Resonance. An Influence of the Kinetic Parameters of the Reaction on a Size of Obtained Nanoparticles at the Reduction of Silver Ions by Hydrazine. Kinetics and Mechanism of Interaction Between Ozone and Rubbers. The Intercommunication of Fractal Analysis and Polymeric Cluster Medium Model. Polymers as Natural Composites: Structure and Properties. A Lecture Note on Cluster Model of Polymers Amorphous State Structure. Lecture Notes on Quantum Chemichl Calculation. Research Methodologies on Physicochemical Properties and Structure of Graphitic Carbons. The Effect of Antioxidant Compounds on Oxidative Stress in Unicellular Aquatic Organisms. A Lecture Note on Determination of Acid Force of Components of Synthesis of 1-[2-(-Acetylmethyl)-3--Acetyl-2-Ethyl]- Methyldichlorinephosphite. Research Methodology on Design and Synthesis of Hydrogel-Based Supports. Index.