Fuel Production with Heterogeneous Catalysis presents the groundbreaking discoveries, recent developments, and future perspectives of one of the most important areas of renewable energy research-the heterogeneous catalytic production of fuels. Comprised of chapters authored by leading experts in the field, this authoritative text:Focuses primarily

Solar Water Splitting Using Semiconductor Systems. Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution. CO2 to Fuels. Methane Activation and Transformation over Nanocatalysts. Fischer-Tropsch: Fuel Production with Cobalt Catalysts. Syngas to Methanol and Ethanol. Steam Reforming. Biomass to Liquid Biofuels via Heterogeneous Catalysis. Catalytic Pyrolysis of Lignocellulosic Biomass. Recent Trends in the Purification of H2 Streams by Water-Gas Shift and PROX.