This contemporary book covers significant new knowledge that has emerged during the last two decades and, thus, provides novel antibody phylogenetic perspectives relevant to development of new antibody-based therapeutics and vaccines. It fills a much-needed niche in the area of immunoglobulin genetics across species from a comparative perspective.

Variable Lymphocyte Receptor-Based Adaptive Immunity in the Agnathan Sea Lamprey. Immunoglobulin Genes in Tetrapods. The Immunoglobulin Genes of Bats. Marsupial and Monotreme Immunoglobulin Genetics. Organization of the he Immunoglobulin Heavy- and Light-Chain Loci in the Rat. Generation of the Antibody Repertoire in Rabbits: Role of Gut-Associated Lymphoid Tissues. The Immunoglobulin Genes of Domestic Swine. Bovine Immunoglobulin Genetics: A Phylogenetic Perspective. Informatic Tools for Immunoglobulin Gene Sequence Analysis. Index.