The unexpected recent discovery and synthesis of a new form of elemental carbon has initiated an abundance of papers on all aspects of the chemistry and physics of the carbon family. Carbon Molecules and Materials takes stock of the current understanding of these various solid forms and, more particularly, of the diamond, graphite and fullerenes. A

Carbon, a fundamental element for research and its applications. The polymorphism of solid carbons. Carbon chemical species in extraterritorial media. Structure, texture, and thermal behavior of polyaromatic solids. Sheets, cones, balls and tubes. Structure and bonding in solid state fullerene phases. Carbons: Their electronic structure and magnetic resonances. Electronic Structures of the solid forms of carbon. Vibrational properties of carbon in the solid state. Optical properties of the allotropic forms of carbon. Crystallochemistry of intercalation in the crystalline forms of carbon. The Superconductivity of carbon derivatives. Diamond and related materials. Applications of carbons.