Surfactant research explores the forces responsible for surfactant assembly and the critical industrial, medical, and personal applications, including viscosity control, microelectronics, drug stabilization, drug delivery, cosmetics, enhanced oil recovery, and foods. Surfactant Science and Technology: Retrospects and Prospects, "a Festschrift in ho

Part I Theory of Self-Assembly and Ion-Specific Effects. One Hundred Years of Micelles: Evolution of the Theory of Micellization. Ionic Surfactants and Ion-Specific Effects: Adsorption, Micellization, and Thin Liquid Films. Part II Surfactants at Solid-Liquid Interfaces. Wettability of Solid-Supported Lipid Layers. Surfactant Adsorption Layers at Liquid Interfaces. Wetting and Spreading by Aqueous Surfactant Solutions. Wetting Instabilities in Langmuir-Blodgett Film Deposition. Interfacial Studies of Coffee-Based Beverages: From Flavor Perception to Biofuels. Part III Polymeric Surfactants and Polymer/Surfactant Mixtures. DNA Release from Cross-Linked DNA Gels and DNA Gel Particles. Advances in Poly(Amino Acid)s-Based Amphiphilic Graft Polymers and Their Biomedical Applications. Polymeric Surfactants and Some of Their Applications. Part IV Biosurfactants. Biosurfactants. Microbially Derived Biosurfactants: Sources, Design, and Structure-Property Relationships. Part V Formulation and Application of Surfactant Aggregates. Triggered Drug Release Using Lyotropic Liquid Crystals as Delivery Vehicles. Pharmaceutical Microemulsions and Drug Delivery. Hydrotropes: Structure and Function. Surfactant Ionic Liquids: Potential Structured Reaction Media? Stimuli-Responsive Surfactants: History and Applications. Part VI Formulation and Application of Emulsions. Progress in Designing Emulsion Properties Over a Century: Emerging Phenomenological Guidelines from Generalized Formulation and Prospects to Transmute the Knowledge into Know-How. An Overview of Surfactants in Enhanced Oil Recovery. Soil Removal by Surfactants during Cleaning Processes. Index.