Demand for minimally processed foods has resulted in the development of innovative, non-thermal food preservation methods, such as high-pressure sonication, ozone, and UV treatment. This book presents a summary of these novel food processing techniques. It also covers new methods used to monitor microbial activity, including spectroscopic methods (

Introduction. Microbiology of novel food processing. High Pressure. Pulsed electric fields. Photosensitisation. Ozone treatment. UV treatment. Sonication. Nonthermal plasma treatment. Active packaging. Encapsulation of antimicrobial compounds. Edible films. Modern techniques in food microbiology. DNA based methods to explore food micro-biota. Advances on detection of food-borne pathogens using molecular methods. Monitoring microbial spoilage of foods by FTIR. Use of electronic nose to monitor microbial metabolites in foods. Potential applications of Raman spectroscopy in food microbiology.