Knowledge of thermodynamics is a necessary tool for describing and understanding the physical behavior of new polymers and polymer blends, for instance, compatibility of components, rheological properties, morphological features, and mechanical properties. This book summarizes in a fairly comprehensive manner the recent technical research accomplis

Physical Chemistry of Macromolecules. Introduction. Molecular Mass of Macromolecules and Its Distribution. Macromolecules in Solution. Characterization of Polymers by Flowing. Transitions in Polymers. Crystallization and Melting of Polymers. Polymers in Non-Equilibrium. Liquid-Crystalline Order in Polymers. Surface Tension of Polymer Blends and Random Copolymers. Macromolecules in Condensed State. Molecular Characterization of Synthetic Polymers by Means of Liquid Chromotography. Impedance Spectroscopy: Basic Concepts and Application for Electrical Evaluation of Polymer Electrolytes. Advanced Polymeric Materials: Macro to Nanoscales. Preparation of Chitin-Based Nano-Fibrous and Composite Materials Using Ionic Liquids. Fire-Resist Bio-Based Polyurethane for Structural Foam Application. Graft Copolymers of Guar Gum vs Alginate: Drug Delivery Applications and Implications. Thermal Properties of Poly(hydroxyalkanoates). Replacing Petroleum-Based Tackifier in Tire Compounds with Environmental Friendly Palm Oil-Based Resins. Miscibility, Thermal Properties and Ion Conductivity of Poly)ethylene Oxide) and Polyacrylate. Poly(trimethylene Terephthalate: The New Generation of Engineering Thermoplastic Polyester. Index.