How do laser beams propagate? Innovative discoveries involving laser beams and their propagation properties are at the heart of Laser Beam Propagation: Generation and Propagation of Customized Light. This book captures the essence of laser beam propagation. Divided into three parts, it explores the fundamentals of how laser beams propagate, and pro

SECTION I BACK TO BASICS. Optical Waves. From Classical to Quantum Optics. Time Domain Laser Beam Propagation. SECTION II GENERATION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF LASER BEAMS. Spatial Laser Beam Characterization. Characterization of Time Domain Pulses. Generation of Laser Beams by Digital Holograms. SECTION III NOVEL LASER BEAMS. Flat-Top Beams. Helmholtz-Gauss Beams. Vector Beams. Low-Coherence Laser Beams. The Orbital Angular Momentum of Light. Miles Padgett and Reuben Aspden. Index.