Recent developments clearly indicate that speciation studies in biological and environmental matrices are much more important than the total element determination due to the tremendous difference in bioavailability and toxicity of various chemical forms of a particular element. Different separation-detection techniques and hyphenated systems-each w

Aspects of speciation. Sample Pre-treatment Methods for Organometallic Species Determination. Separation Techniques for Elemental Speciation in Soil, Sediments, and Environmental Samples. Role and Importance of Hyphenated Techniques in Speciation Analysis. Speciation of Arsenic in Soil, Sediment and Environmental Samples. Speciation of Chromium and Vanadium in Soil Matrices. Selenium Speciation in the Environment. Speciation and Solubility of Thallium in Low Temperature Systems: Additional Aqueous and Solid Thallium Species Potentially Important in Soil Environments. Fractionation and Speciation Analysis of Antimony in Atmospheric Aerosols and Related Matrices. Methods for Mercury Speciation in Environmental Samples. Zinc Speciation Studies in Soil, Sediment and Environmental Samples. Speciation Analysis of Tin in Environmental Samples. Speciation and bioavailability of Iodine in Edible Seaweed. Speciation and Determination of Tellurium in Water, Soil, Sediment and Other Environmental Samples. Trace Elements and Health.