Presenting the work of prominent researchers working on smart grids and related fields around the world, Security and Privacy in Smart Grids identifies state-of-the-art approaches and novel technologies for smart grid communication and security. It investigates the fundamental aspects and applications of smart grid security and privacy and reports

SMART GRIDS IN GENERAL. An Overview of Recommendations for a Technical Smart Grid Infrastructure. Smart Grid and Cloud Computing: Minimizing Power Consumption and Utility Expenditure in Data Centers. Distributed Opportunistic Scheduling for Building Load Control. Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Its Integration with the Distribution Management System. Cognitive Radio Network for the Smart Grid. SECURITY AND PRIVACY IN SMART GRIDS. Requirements and Challenges of Cybersecurity for Smart Grid Communication Infrastructures. Regulations and Standards Relevant for Security of the Smart Grid. Vulnerability Assessment for Substation Automation Systems. Smart Grid, Automation, and SCADA System Security. Smart Grid Security in the Last Mile. Index.