Since the hydrological cycle is so intricately linked to the climate system, any change in climate impacts the water cycle in terms of change in precipitation patterns, melting of snow and ice, increased evaporation, increased atmospheric water vapor and changes in soil moisture and run off. Consequently, climate change could result in floods in so

General Introduction. Impact of Climate Change on Water and Health. Climate Change and Water Law: The Regimes Compared. Societal Complexity: Exacerbating the Impact of Climate Change on Water and Health. Climate Change, Water and Health: Current Impacts and Future Challenges for Human Security. The Impact of Climate Change on Human Health. Climate Justice Must Integrate Gender Equality: What are the Key Principles? The Economics of Climate Change: Alternative Approaches. Restoring Ecosystem Health in a Complex Policy Arena. Case Studies: Impact of Climate Change on Water (and Human Life). Safe Water for Health in Indigenous Communities: Barriers to Accessible Safe and Sustainable Drinking Water Supplies. Improved Access to Safe Drinking Water, Sanitation and Health: Foundations for Adapting to Climate Change Impacts in Nepal. Impact of Climate Change On Human Life Due To Rains And Floods (Pakistan). Water-related Health Effects of Climate Change in Sweden. Environmental change and water-related health risks: An Arctic security Approach. Climate Change and Health Impacts in Brazil: A Discussion on "Hotspots". Impacts of Climate Change on Water Resources and Human Health: Empirical Evidence from Vulnerable Areas in Bangladesh. Rainfall Variability and Its Impacts on Water Resources and Rural Health in Kumaon Himalaya, India. Climate Change, Drought, and Decentralized Healthcare Response in Northeastern Brazil: The Need for Sub-national Institutional Capacity. Climate Change and its Impacts on Water and Health Security in Mexico. Impact of Climate Change on Africa. Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest) National Park, Nepal -Implications of Climate Change and Tourism: An Evaluation of through Environmental Indicators.