Furnishing essential data on all areas of toxicity testing, this Second Edition provides guidance on the design and evaluation of product safety studies to help ensure regulatory acceptance. Every chapter highlights regulatory requirements specific to the United States, Europe, and Japan, and in addition to expanded information on da

Regulatory Toxicology Testing: Laboratories and Good Laboratory Practices. Laboratory Animals and In Vitro Test Systems Used in Regulatory Toxicology. Metabolism and Toxicokinetics. Toxicologic Pathology Assessment. Acute Toxicology. Multidose General Toxicology Studies. Genetic Toxicology. Carcinogenicity Studies. Juvenile Animal Toxicology Studies. Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology. Neurotoxicology Testing. Toxicological Assessment of the Immune System. Inhalation and Pulmonary Toxicity Studies. Cancer Risk Assessment. Nonclinical Safety Testing of Pharmaceuticals. Health Risk Assessment Strategies in the Food and Cosmetic Industry.