Installation effects in geotechnical engineering contains the proceedings of the International Conference on Installation Effects in Geotechnical Engineering (Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 24-27 March 2013), the closing conference of GEO-INSTALL (FP7/2007-2013, PIAG-GA-2009-230638), an Industry-Academia Pathways and Partnerships project funded by the

 Installation effects Displacement pile installation effects in sand A. Beijer Lundberg, J. Dijkstra & A.F. van Tol Cyclic jacking of piles in silt and sand F. Burali d'Arezzo, S.K. Haigh & Y. Ishihara Influence of installation procedures on the response of capacitance water content sensors M. Caruso, F. Avanzi & C. Jommi The load capacity of driven cast in-situ piles derived from installation parameters D. Egan On the numerical modelling and incorporation of installation effects of jacked piles: A practical approach H.K. Engin, R.B.J. Brinkgreve & A.F. van Tol Analytical and laboratory study of soil disturbance caused by mandrel driven prefabricated vertical drains A. Ghandeharioon CEL: Simulations for soil plugging, screwed pile installation and deep vibration compaction J. Grabe, S. Henke, T. Pucker & T. Hamann Towards a framework for the prediction of installation rate effects S. Robinson & M.J. Brown Rate dependent shear strength of silt at low stresses S. te Slaa & J. Dijkstra Control of excess pore pressure development during pile installations in soft sensitive clay T. Tefera, G. Tvedt & F. Oset Seabed pipelines: The influence of installation effects D.J. White Offshore construction and foundations LDFE analysis of installation effects for offshore anchors and foundations L. Andresen & H.D.V. Khoa Investigation into the effect of pile installation on cyclic lateral capacity of monopiles T. de Blaeij & J. Dijkstra Development of a coupled FEM-MPM approach to model a 3D membrane with an application of releasing geocontainer from barge F. Hamad, C. Moormann & P.A. Vermeer Leg penetration assessments for self-elevating tubular leg units in sand over clay conditions D.A. Kort, S. Raymackers, H. Hofstede & V. Meyer Investigating the scales of fluctuation of an artificial sand island M. Lloret-Cabot, M.A. Hicks & J.D. Nuttall Soil improvement Volume averaging technique in numerical modelling of floating deep mixed columns in soft soils P. Becker & M. Karstunen Comparison between theoretical procedures and field test results for the evaluation of installation effects of vibro-stone columns E. Carvajal, G. Vukotic, J. Castro & W. Wehr Numerical analyses of stone column installation in Bothkennar clay J. Castro, M. Karstunen, N. Sivasithamparam & C. Sagaseta Execution of Springsol (R) deep mixed columns: Field trials S. Melentijevic, F. Martin & L. Prieto A method of modelling stone column installation for use in conjunction with unit cell analyses B.G. Sexton & B.A. McCabe Cement grout filtration in non-cohesive soils X.A.L. Stodieck & T. Benz The undrained cohesion of the soil as a criterion for column installation with a depth vibrator J. Wehr Soil-structure interaction Modeling of rock fall impact using Discrete Element Method (DEM) G. Grimstad, O. Melhus, S. Degago & R. Ebeltoft Investigation into the factors affecting the shaft resistance of driven piles in sands D. Igoe, K. Gavin & L. Kirwan Monitoring and risk assessment in EPB TBM's in urban environments: High speed railway tunnel Sants-Sagrera running next to Sagrada Familia Basilica (World Heritage) J.E. Paris Fernandez & J. Gomez Cabrera Effect of roughness on keying of plate anchors D. Wang, C. Han & C. Gaudin