With the ongoing release of 3D movies and the emergence of 3D TVs, 3D imaging technologies have penetrated our daily lives. Yet choosing from the numerous 3D vision methods available can be frustrating for scientists and engineers, especially without a comprehensive resource to consult. Filling this gap, Handbook of 3D Machine Vision: Optical Metro

Stereo Vision. 3D Shapes from Speckle. Spacetime Stereo. Stereo Particle Imaging Velocimetry Techniques: Technical Basis, System Setup, and Application. Basic Concepts.Digital Holography for 3D Metrology. 3D Dynamic Shape Measurement Using the Grating Projection Technique. Interferometry. Superfast 3D Profilometry with Digital Fringe Projection and Phase-Shifting Techniques. Time-of-Flight Techniques. Uniaxial 3D Shape Measurement. Three-Dimensional Ultrasound Imaging. Optical Coherence Tomography for Imaging Biological Tissue. Three-Dimensional Endoscopic Surface Imaging Techniques. Biometrics Using 3D Vision Techniques. Index.