In nations all over the world, community policing has been found extremely beneficial in improving public confidence in the police. Community-oriented policing and police-citizen cooperation is now the accepted framework for all progressive police departments. Drawn from the proceedings at the 2010 International Police Executive Symposium (IPES) in

Community Policing: Theoretical Problems and Operational Issues. The Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Community Policing in Democratic Nigeria: Agenda Setting for National Development. Police e Mardumi: Indigenous District-Level Civilian Policing in Afghanistan. The National Challenge on Increase in Crime: Comprehensive Initiatives on Crime Reduction in Japan. A Study on Mahila Dakshata/Suraksha Samities of Maharashtra. Friends of Police (FOP): A Concept for Empowerment and a Movement in Community Policing. Janamaithri Suraksha Project: Community Policing Project of the Government of Kerala. Predatory Leadership as a Foil to Community Policing Partnerships: A West African Case Study. Public Satisfaction with Police: Case Study From Sweden. Community Policing in South Korea: Do Line Officers and Supervisors Feel the Same? The Weed and Seed Initiative and Police Activity Within Communities. The Survival of Community Policing in a Remilitarized Police Approach: A Paradoxical Case of South Africa. Community Policing in the Netherlands: A Continuously Changing Constant. IPES Statement. Index.