A rapidly growing number of services and applications along with a dramatic shift in users' consumption models have made media networks an area of increasing importance. Do you know all that you need to know?Supplying you with a clear understanding of the technical and deployment challenges, Media Networks: Architectures, Applications, and Standard

part I|2 pages

Digital TV

chapter Chapter 1|26 pages

Digital TV

Edited ByHassnaa Moustafa, Farhan Siddiqui, Sherali Zeadally

chapter Chapter 2|28 pages

Open-IPTV Services and Architectures

Edited ByEmad Abd-Elrahman, Hossam Afifi

chapter Chapter 3|20 pages

Mobile TV

Edited BySherali Zeadally, Hassnaa Moustafa, Nicolas Bihannic, Farhan Siddiqui

chapter Chapter 4|14 pages

Connected TV: The Next Revolution?

Edited ByErwan Nédellec

chapter Chapter 5|10 pages

3DTV Technology and Standardization

Edited ByGilles Teniou

chapter Chapter 6|18 pages

Digital TV Architecture Standardization

Edited ByOlivier Le Grand

part II|2 pages

Media Content Delivery and Quality of Experience

chapter Chapter 7|20 pages

Collaboration between Networks and Applications in the Future Internet

Edited BySelim Ellouze, Bertrand Mathieu, Toufik Ahmed, Nico Schwan

chapter Chapter 8|22 pages

Information-Centric Networking: Current Research Activities and Challenges

Edited ByBertrand Mathieu, Patrick Truong, Jean-François Peltier, Wei You, Gwendal Simon

chapter Chapter 9|24 pages

Toward Information-Centric Networking: Research, Standardization, Business, and Migration Challenges

Edited ByWei Koong Chai, Michael Georgiades, Spiros Spirou

chapter Chapter 10|22 pages

Content Delivery Network for Efficient Delivery of Internet Traffic

Edited ByGilles Bertrand, Emile Stéphan

chapter Chapter 11|14 pages

Content Delivery Networks: Market Overview and Technology Innovations

Edited ByBertrand Weber

chapter Chapter 12|32 pages

Quality of Experience in Future Media Networks: Consumption Trends, Demand for New Metrics and Evaluation Methods

Edited ByAdam Flizikowski, Marek Dąbrowski, Mateusz Majewski, Krzysztof Samp

chapter Chapter 13|20 pages

QoE-Based Routing for Content Distribution Network Architecture

Edited ByTran Hai Anh, Mellouk Abdelhamid, Hoceini Said

chapter Chapter 14|18 pages

QoE of 3D Media Delivery Systems

Edited ByVaruna De Silva, Gokce Nur, Erhan Ekmekcioglu, Ahmet M. Kondoz

part III|2 pages

User-Centricity and Immersive Technologies

chapter Chapter 15|52 pages

Perceived QoE for User-Centric Multimedia Services

Edited ByNikolaos Zotos, Jose Oscar Fajardo, Harilaos Koumaras, Lemonia Boula, Fidel Liberal, Ianire Taboada, Monica Gorricho

chapter Chapter 16|28 pages

Immersive 3D Media

Edited ByErhan Ekmekcioglu, Varuna De Silva, Gokce Nur, Ahmet M. Kondoz

chapter Chapter 17|26 pages

IPTV Services Personalization

Edited ByHassnaa Moustafa, Nicolas Bihannic, Songbo Song

chapter Chapter 18|22 pages

Context-Awareness for IPTV Services Personalization

Edited ByRadim Zemek, Songbo Song, Moustafa Hassnaa

chapter Chapter 19|22 pages

Metadata Creation and Exploitation for Future Media Networks

Edited ByThomas Labbé

chapter Chapter 20|26 pages

Semantically Linked Media for Interactive User-Centric Services

Edited ByVioleta Damjanovic, Thomas Kurz, Georg Güntner, Sebastian Schaffert, Lyndon Nixon

chapter Chapter 21|18 pages

Telepresence: Immersive Experience and Interoperability

Edited ByBruno Chatras

chapter Chapter 22|14 pages

E-Health: User Interaction with Domestic Rehabilitation Tools

Edited ByLynne Baillie

chapter Chapter 23|8 pages

Societal Challenges for Networked Media

Edited ByPierre-Yves Danet