Preparedness and rigorous planning on community, state, and regional levels are critical to containing the threat of pandemic illness. Steeped in research and recommendations from lessons learned, Pandemic Planning describes the processes necessary for the efficient and effective preparation, prevention, response, and recovery from a pandemic threa

Resources Available to Assist with Planning and Monitoring a Pandemic. Classic Military War Principles Applied to Pandemic Preparation. Local Leadership in a Pandemic Influenza. Developing a Systematic Pandemic Influenza Program for Preparing a State. Pandemic Planning for Local Health Departments. Developing a Prevention and Control Program with an Accompanying Simulation. Engaging Volunteer Organizations to Prepare for Pandemics. Lessons Learned from H1N1: Use of the Incident Command System in the Public Health Response. All-Hazard Public Health: Business as Usual. The Future of Survey-Based Research: Exploring University Students Vaccination Decision. A Demonstration of Social Media Research Methods: Investigating the Public Opinion of the Flu Shot during the H1N1 Pandemic. Developing a Mission-Ready Influenza Epidemic Preparedness Strategy for Campus Public Safety Responders. Lessons Learned from Tabletop Exercises. Preparedness Planning: Five Motivating Dimensions. Recovery Planning for Critical Pandemic-Associated Built Infrastructure. Index.