The Indian population has used Ayurvedic herbs for centuries, but now modern scientific work has led to recognition and acceptance at a global level. The major cause of the increased popularity of Ayurvedic medicine stems from recent scientific validation and its potential in lifestyle management. This growth in research in India and worldwide has

This is how the concept of Modern Ayurveda emerged. Transition from Ancient to Modern Ayurveda. Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine: Challenges and strategies. Herb nomenclature of the last classical Ayurvedic treatise: Bhavaprakasa. Classical attributes of Ayurvedic herbs. Bioactive constituents of medicinal plants. Chemical constituents of Ayurvedic herbs. Phytochemical markers of Ayurvedic herbs. Interaction/leads/toxicity of Ayurvedic herbs. Modern pharmacological classification of Ayurvedic herbs. Evaluation of efficacy and safety of Herbal/Ayurvedic medicines. International regulatory status of Herbal Drugs. Information resources.