Cytokines are a group of peptides secreted by cells of the immune system such as macrophages, lymphocytes, and T cells. They can be divided into functional families and have-wide ranging impacts that affect cells and molecular pathways to the whole individual. Written by distinguished scholars and experts, this book is a holistic reference to enabl

General and Cellular Aspects: Micro RNAs and Cytokines.Cytokines and Tight Junctions.Cytokine Networks and Mapks-Toward New Therapeutic Targets for Rheumatoid Arthritis.Life Style Factors and Life Events: Exercise, Cytokines and Tissue Repair.Cytokines in Alcoholics.Cytokines in the Elderly.Immunology and Infections: Cytokine Production by T Helper Subsets in Response to Infection and their Role in Health and Disease.Cytokine Production in Viral Infection .Cytokines in Pulmonary Tuberculosis. HIV and Cytokines: An Immunopatho Genetic Liaison. NK Cells and Cytokines in Health and Disease.Cancer: Cytokines and Lung Cancer.Cancer Immunotherapy and Cytokines. Chemotherapeutic Drugs and Cytokines.Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disease: Inflammatory Cytokines and Cardiovascular Risk .Angiogenic Cytokine Therapy for Ischemic Heart Disease. Cytokines and Diabetes. Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines in Response to Glycemic Excursions of Hypo- and Hyperglycemia.Cytokines in Metabolic Syndrome- Adipose Tissue as a Key Contributor.Organs and Tissue Systems: Cytokines and Alzheimer's Disease.Parkinson's Disease and Cytokines.Cerebrospinal Fluid Cytokines and their Change in Herpes Simplex Virus Encephalitis. Cytokines in Skeletal Muscle Insulin Resistance. Cytokines and Bone. Cytokines in Rheumatoid Arthritis.