Concerns regarding heavy metal contamination in terrestrial ecosystems have prompted increasing efforts on limiting their bioavailability in the root zone. The complexity of the hydrologic system gives rise to the need for understanding the fate and transport of trace elements in the soil-water-plant environment. Dynamics and Bioavailability of Hea

Nonlinear Behavior of Heavy Metals in Soils: Mobility and Bioavailability. Nonequilibrium Transport of Heavy Metals in Soils: Physical and Chemical Processes. Chemical Equilibrium and Reaction Modeling of Arsenic and Selenium in Soils. Heavy Metal and Selenium Distribution and Bioavailability in Contaminated Sites: A Tool for Phytoremediation. Colloid-Associated Transport and Metal Speciation at Reclaimed Mine Sites Following Biosolid Application. Trace Element Biogeochemistry in the Rhizosphere. Heavy Metals in Agricultural Watersheds: Nonpoint Source Contamination. Heavy Metals Transformation in Wetlands. Factors Controlling the Dynamics of Trace Metals in Frequently Flooded Soils. Heavy Metals Forms in Biosolids, Soils, and Biosolid-Amended Soils. Index.