The International Mining Forum is a recurring event, hosted by the University of Science and Technology in Cracow, Poland, bringing together an international group of scientists, including those working in rock mechanics and computer engineering as well as mining engineers. The topics are wide-ranging, including papers on remote sensing to assess p

Preface. 1. Structure and Technological Elements of Information System of Mine Based on the Control of a Condition of Rock Mass2. Methane Hazard Predictions in Underground Coal Mining3. The Exploitation Depth and Bump Hazard in the Mines of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin4. Possibility of Application of the Mechanized Coal Excavation in the Mines with Underground Exploitation in Republic of Serbia5. The Influence of Heading Localization Depth on Their Stability6. Development Possibilities of Underground Coal Exploitation in Republic of Serbia7. Actual State of Underground Coal Exploitation in Republic of Serbia8. Modernization of Technological Process of the Construction of Shaft Premises in Coal Mines of Serbia9. Potential of Underground Exploitation of the Existing Resources in RTB Bor10. Research Results on Possibilities for Development and Mining of "Borska Reka" Ore Body in Bor Ore Deposit11. Mining Productive Systems Organization for Optimal Ventilation and Air Supply12. Determination of Depth of "Borska Reka" Copper Ore Deposit at Which Air Conditioning of Working Environment Must Be Performed13. Methodology for the Selection of Optimal Blastholes Length in Underground Mining14. Influence of Depth Mine Workings on the Pollution of Mine Water and Possibility Its Limitation15. The Place and Historic Importance of the "Glogow Gleboki - Przemyslowy" Copper Orebody in the Strategy of KGHM "Polska Miedz" Company16. The Prognosis of the Climatic Hazard for the Growing Depth of Underground Mining17. An Assessment of Prospective Reserves for Underground Coal Gasification in Poland18. Synthetic Stowing of Rockmass at Borehole Underground Coal Gasification (BUCG)19. Decision Making System Based on GIS Technology for Supporting Machinery Maintenance20. Method of Copper Deposit Mineralization Discrete Modelling With Use of Crystal Ball Application Based On Copper and Silver Grades Examples