The first GaN and Related Materials covered topics such as a historical survey of past research, optical electrical and microstructural characterization, theory of defects, bulk crystal growth, and performance of electronic and photonic devices. This new volume updates old research where warranted and explores new areas such as UV detectors, microw

1, Laser Diodes 2. GaN and AlGaN Devices: Field Effect Transistors and Photodetectors 3. Growth and Doping of and Defects in III-Nitrides 4. Structural and Electronic Properties of AlGaN 5. Theory of Laser Gain in Group III-Nitride Quantum Wells 6. Electronic and Optical Properties of Bulk and QW Structure 7. Materials Theory Based Modelling of GaN Devices 8. Erbium Doping of III-V Nitrides 9. Thermodynamic and Electronic Properties of GaN and Related Alloys 10. GaN Device Processing 11. Contacts to GaN 12. Ion Implantation Advances in Group III-Nitride Semiconductors 13. Inductively Coupled Plasma Etching of III-V Nitrides 14. Low Energy Electron Enhanced Etching (LE4) of III-N Materials