This thoroughly revised and updated reference provides comprehensive coverage of the latest developments and scientific advances in dairy microbiology-emphasizing probiotics, fermented dairy products, disease prevention, and public health and regulatory control standards for dairy foods. Containing more than 2350 bibliographic citations, tables, dr

Microbiology of the Dairy Animal Paul J. Weimer Raw Milk and Fluid Milk Products Micaela Chadwick Hayes and Kathryn Boor Concentrated and Dry Milks and Wheys Warren S. Clark, Jr. Frozen Desserts Robert T. Marshall Microbiology of Butter and Related Products Jeffrey L. Kornacki, Russell S. Flowers, and Robert L. Bradley, Jr. Starter Cultures and Their Use Ashraf N. Hassan and Joseph F. Frank Metabolism of Starter Cultures Robert W. Hutkins Genetics of Lactic Acid Bacteria Jeffery R. Broadbent Fermented Milks and Cream Vikram V. Mistry Probiotics and Prebiotics Stanley E. Gilliland Cheese Products Mark E. Johnson Fermented By-Products David R. Henning Public Health Concerns Elliot T. Ryser Cleaning and Sanitizing in Milk Production and Processing Bruce R. Cords, George R. Dychdala, and Francis L. Richter Control of Microorganisms in Dairy Processing: Dairy Product Safety Systems Robert D. Byrne and J. Russell Bishop Regulatory Control of Milk and Milk Products William W. Coleman Testing Milk and Milk Products Charles H. White Treatment of Dairy Wastes W. L