This collection of 24 papers, which encompasses the construction and the qualitative as well as quantitative properties of solutions of Volterra, Fredholm, delay, impulse integral and integro-differential equations in various spaces on bounded as well as unbounded intervals, will conduce and spur further research in this direction.

1. The Solution Set of Integral Inclusions on the Half Line 2. Periodic Solutions of Integrodifferential Inclusions 3. On Nonlinear Volterra-Stieltjes Integral Operators 4. A Modified Collocation Method for Volterra Delay IntegrodifferentialEquations with Multiple Delays 5. On the Numerical Solution of Initial Boundary Value Problems by theLaguerre Transformation and Boundary Integral Equations 6. Remarks on Hammerstein Integral Operators 7. Preserving Transient Behaviour in Numerical Solutions of Volterra Integral Equations of Convolution Type 8. A Spline Method for the Numerical Solution of Volterra Integral Equations of the Second Kind), Boundary Value Problems for a Class of Integro-differential Equations and Applications 10. Integro-Differential Equations on Unbounded Domains in Banach Spaces 11. Global Attractivity in Diffusive Integrodifferential Equations125 12. On a Cauchy-Singular Boundary Integral Equation of the First Kind 13. Revisiting CSIE in L2: Condition Numbers and Inverse Theorems 14. Periodic Boundary Value Problems for First-Order ImpulsiveIntegro-Differential Equations in Abstract Spaces 15. Convergence of Product Integration Rules for Weights on theWhole Real Line 16. Existence Theory for Nonresonant Nonlinear Fredholm Integral Equationsand Nonresonant Operator Equations 17. Periodic Boundary Value Problem for Nonlinear First OrderIntegro-Ordinary Differential Equations 18. Interpolatory Quadrature Formulae with Bernstein-Szego Abscissae 19. Uniqueness Problems for Some Classes of Nonlinear Volterra Equations, 20. Dynamics of a Volterra—Lotka Competition Model with Diffusion and Time Delays 21. Hammerstein Integral Inclusions in Banach Spaces, 22. A Note on Polynomial Interpolation on Holder Spaces 23. Integro-differential Equations and Variational Lyapunov 24. A Second Kind Fredholm Integral Equation Arising in Radiative HeatExchange.