Saffron is a precious spice which is mainly grown in Iran, India, Spain, Greece, Italy, Pakistan, Morocco, and central Asian countries. Until recently, saffron was perceived only for its value as a spice. However, with recent research findings pointing to the medicinal properties of saffron such as its antimicrobial, anticarcinogenic and antioxidan

Historical Background, Economy, Acreage, Production, Yield and Uses; Saffron Botany; Saffron Ecophysiology; Saffron Production Technology; Irrigation; Saffron Pests, Diseases, and Weeds; Genetics, Sterility, Propagation and in vitro Production of Secondary Metabolites; Economical Aspects of Saffron; Role of Indigenous Knowledge in Traditional Agriculture with Emphasis on Saffron; Processing, Chemical Composition and the Standards of Saffron; Research Strategies