This book discusses the major accomplishments made in elucidating vitellogenic events at the cellular, biochemical, and molecular biological levels. It is helpful for researchers and students interested in reproduction of invertebrates.

Biosynthesis of Insect Yolk Protein Precursors: M. Takeda and A.S. Raikhel; The Cell Biology of Insect Yolk Protein Precursors Yolk and the Secretory Pathway: A.S. Raikhel et al.; Regulation of Yolk Protein Genes by Ecdysone: A.S. Raikhel et al.; Regulation of Yolk Protein Genes in Higher Diptera: Mary Bownes; Juvenile Hormone and Vitellogenin Gene Expression: Xavier Belles; Regulation of Tissue-specificity of Yolk Protein Gene Expression: David Martin and A.S. Raikhel; Receptor-mediated Endocytosis and Internalization Pathways of Yolk Proteins in Insects Oocytes: E. Snigievskaya and A.S. Raikhel; Yolk Protein Receptors in Invertebrate Oocytes: A.S. Raikhel et al.; Lipid Accumulation in Oocytes: Rick van Antwerpen et al.; Non-Vitellin Yolk Proteins: H. Masuda and Pedro Oliviera; Yolk Degrading Proteases: S. Takhashi and Y. Yamamoto; Biochemical and Ultrastructural Aspects of Vitellin Utilization during Embryogenesis: Franco Giorgi and Jack Nordin