This useful reference provides recent results as well as entirely new material on control problems for partial differential equations.

Null Controllability for a Class of Implicit Differential Equations in Banach Spaces; Results on Stochastic Navier-Stokes Equations; A Hyperbolic Problem with Boundary Control: A Solution Through Parabolic Regularization; Flat Cone Condition and Shape Analysis; Dynamic Programming for an Abstract Second Order Evolution Equation with Convex State Constraints; Boundary Stabilization of a Nonlinear String with Aerodynamic Force; Existence of Optimal Controls for Stochastic Evolution Systems; An Approximation Scheme for the Variational Solutions of the Hamilton-Jacobi Equation of Control Theory; Global Existence and Uniqueness of Regular Solutions to the Dynamic von Karman System with Nonlinear Boundary Dissipation; A State-Space Approach to the Mixed-Sensitivity Minimization Problem for Delay Systems; The Role of Smoothing in Boundary Control; Exact Controllability of Wave Equation in a Polygonal Domain with Cracks; From Singular to Regular Control Problems; Feedback Laws via a Trotter Product Formula Treatment of the Dynamic Programming Equation; Existence of Optimal Controls for Some Nonlinear Systems; Control Problems for Shape Memory Alloys with Constraints on the Shear Strain; Linear Quadratic Boundary Control for an Age Equation Perturbed by Noise; Optimal Quadratic Boundary Control Problem for Wave- and Plate-Like Equations with High lnternal Damping: An Abstract Approach; Approximation for Wave Equation in Moving Domain.