This work covers citric acid fermentation methods including recent advances and approaches. The book looks at all aspects of the fermentation process and should be of interest to those working in biotechnology, microbiology and biochemistry.

Citric acid biotechnology is the subject of both industrial and academic interest. For a long time the production of citric acid was one of the driving forces in industrial biotechnology, lying in the interface between old and new technology. Now, not only is citric acid biotechnology of great industrial and economic importance, it is also used to illustrate biotechnological principles at undergraduate level. This comprehensive book covers subjects such as mycology; redox reactions; mass and energy balances; downstream processing; fermentation substrates and design of industrial plants. All the authors are still active in the field and come from both industrial and academic backgrounds. Undergraduates and postgraduates studying industrial microbiology, biotechnology or biochemical engineering, or those wishing to pursue careers in the biotechnological industry will find this a comprehensive, accessible and definitive resource. It will also provide a useful reference for researchers and managers in the industry.