This volume documents developments in the study of catalysis relating to organic synthesis and its application in industrial processes. It surveys a wide range of homo- and heterogeneous catalysis for industrial and pharmaceutical chemicals. It covers enantioselective hydrogenation, catalyzed hydrogens and oxidation, carbonylation, hydroaminomethyl

The Raney-nickel; selecting between batch slurry and continuous fixed bed hydrogenation; safety and economics considerations in the design of an industrial hydrogenation facility; effect of carbon activation on deposition of Pd and Pt; the flexibility of the chemical and physical properties of metalyst for the optimal performance of fixed bed reactions on activated base metal surfaces; advanced fixed-bed hydrogenation of unsaturated fatty acids; modelling of propylene oxidation on hydrophobic catalyst in a slurry and trickle bed reactor; the safe handling of activated nickel catalysts - heat induced interactions between the catalyst, ethyl acetate and water; the effect of surface area on the partial oxidation of n-butane over VPO catalysts; reactivity of B/P/O-based heterogeneous catalysts in gas-phase o-alkylation of diphenols with methanol; production of aromatics catalyzed by commercial sulfated zirconia solid acid catalysis; vapour phase synthesis of indole and its derivatives; carbons as catalysts; new coupling and isomerization reactions catalyzed by a protic superacid; alkylation of phenol with tert-butyl alcohol catalyzed by zeolite HY catalysts; lithium hydroxide modified sponge catalysts for control of primary amine selectivity in nitrile hydrogenations; reactivity and surface analysis studies on the deactivation of Raney Ni during adiponitrile hydrogenation; catalytic hydrogenation of benzonitrile over Raney nickel -influence of reaction rates and selectivities; catalytic hydrogenation of lignin aromatics using Ru-arene complexes; reaction pathways in the catalytic reductive N-methylation of polyamines; reductive alkylation of 2-methylglutaronitrile with palladium catalysts; the synthesis of amines by catalytic hydrogenation of nitro compounds; hydrogenation of cinnamaldehyde on Ru-MCM and Ru-beta catalysts; novel preparation of 5alpha-dihydriethisterone from androst-4-ene-3, 17-dione; selective epoxidation of allylic alcohols with amine-modified titania-